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We specialize in insuring non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations have unique insurance needs that differ from a for profit business. When insuring your organization, make sure you are working with someone that you trust and understands those unique needs. We have had the opportunity to insure national and local non-profit organizations. We have the knowledge and access to the most comprehensive and [...]

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Do I need renters Insurance?

Check out this video below. He does a pretty good job of explaining coverage details on a renters insurance policy. He did leave out a couple important things I can touch on. Your renters insurance will cover your personal belongs outside of the home as well. Example: Your vehicle is broken into and your brand [...]

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Why not work with the best?

When you give is an opportunity to work with you on your personal or business insurance needs, you know you are working with the best. We are committed to providing our client with the best service and insurance products in the market today. This means providing our clients with the most competitive rates with the [...]

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What insurance are you interested in?