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We are your insurance specialist!

If you were to get sick, would you let just anyone prescribe you medication? What if your vehicle needed repairs. Don't you want someone that is trained and skilled working on your vehicle? Just like Doctors and mechanics are specialist in their field, we are your specialist in the insurance industry. Insurance is complicated, especially [...]

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Builder’s Risk Insurance

If you are a contactor or a property owner looking at building a new home or commercial building. You are going to want a builder's risk policy to protect your asset during construction. We offer multiple competitive markets with hassle free quoting. If you are in the need of a builder's risk policy, give us [...]

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Why are people choosing Western Pacific Insurance Group?

-Amazing customer service -An Insurance Agency that wants to save their clients money -Any agency that can insure anything.. your cars, home, business, etc. -We are available, even late hours and weekends -We are a FULL service agency. We don't just find and write the policy for you. We help you with claims, billing questions, [...]

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